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When it comes to Metal Roofs, there are a few different options. From 5V to Standing Seams. Deciding to go for a Metal Roof gives you different options that will vary not only the look of the roof but also its price. Give us a call Today and we'll help you decide which type of Metal Roof is the best fit for you.

Metal Roof: Services


Standing seam metal roofing panels belong to the metal roofing product family. They are panels with male and female legs that are engaged and installed with clips to the roofing substructure in their purest form. However, as panel alternatives have expanded, clipless panels have become more frequent in this product family.

Standing seam panels do not employ exposed fasteners in the plane of the panel during installation, regardless of the attachment technique. Exposed fasteners may or may not be used for trim applications, depending on the project.



Customers can rely on 5V Crimp for endurance in any climate. For cost-conscious consumers in a range of industries, these high-quality, low-maintenance aluminum panels are the preferred option. Because of their aesthetic appeal and good performance, these panels are frequently utilized in residential buildings. 5V Crimp is a well-known metal panel that holds up well in a variety of applications and gives a lucrative result with a minimal margin. These panels are one of the most popular solutions because of their great quality and ease of maintenance.

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